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Costs for Traditional Undergraduate Coordinated Dietetics Program (2017-2018)
Traditional Undergraduate Coordinated Dietetics Program for the 2017-2018 Academic Year  
In-State Tuition & Fees/Year* $14,840
Out of State Tuition & Fees/Year* $36,908
Externship – 6 credits which are registered for through the Center for Continuing Studies. Includes additional fees charged by the University. (More information) $2,909
Room & Board/Year* $12,214
Name Tag $10
Textbooks (per semester) $300 - $700
Department of Allied Health Sciences Laboratory Fees $50-$75
Lab Coat $20 - $40
Physical Examination & Lab Tests (varies based upon health insurance) $200 - $300
Health Insurance  $3,198
Complio tracking and background check+ `$50
Campus parking (Annual) Variable
Parking at sites (some site may require fees) Variable
Malpractice Insurance (Annual) ~$20
Transportation (In first year and fall semester of the second year, students may carpool and share expenses but during spring of the second year a car is needed. Mileage varies but may be up to 150 miles per week.) Variable
Automobile Insurance (Annual) Variable
National Certified Professional Food Manager Exam $28
Annual Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Meeting ~$75
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Membership (strongly recommended) $58

Students are required to have a calculator, computer, and access to the internet

*Current tuition and room and board rates are subject to change.
+ There may be additional costs for clinical compliance

Undergraduate financial aid

Department of Allied Health Sciences
College of Agricutlture and Natural Resources
358 Mansfield Road, Unit 1101
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-2101
Telephone: (860) 486-2834
Fax: (860) 486-5375