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Faculty and Staff


  Tina Fox Dugdale MS RDN RN CD-N


(860) 306-0228



University of Connecticut-Storrs, Connecticut

Department of Allied Health Sciences

August, 2006-Master of Science-cum laude

University of Saint Joseph-West Hartford, Connecticut

Coordinated Program in Dietetics

May, 2002-Bachelor of Science-summa cum laude

American Society for Prophylaxis in Obstetrics-Washington, DC

December, 1983-National Teaching Certification; Childbirth Education (Lamaze Method)

Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing-Sayre, PA.

May, 1979-RN Diploma


Professional Experience and Employment

2006-present: Extension Instructor Coordinated Program in Dietetics

University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Allied Health Sciences, Mansfield, CT

  • Developed curricula and evaluation tools for three supervised practice courses in community/ public health dietetics

  • Implements and evaluates course curricula; document/report student learning outcomes

  • Project leader Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP Ed; formerly food stamps): Coordinate student/paraprofessionals’ off-campus community placements with CT state nutrition education goals for delivery of quality direct and indirect nutrition education to USDA SNAP recipients and eligibles

  • Manage and coordinate all training of student paraprofessionals in community nutrition within Coordinated Program and Internship, aligning student learning outcomes with ACEND competency guidelines for entry-level dietetics professionals and SNAP Ed paraprofessionals

  • Monitor all student placements off campus. Observe and mentor all paraprofessional teaching experiences.

  • Monitor and record student time and effort

  • Manage SNAP-Ed nutrition education materials

  • Establish and maintain collaborative partnerships with community agencies serving SNAP participants and eligibles

  • Provide direct and indirect nutrition education to individuals and groups in SNAP eligible communities

  • Collaborate on annual UCONN DAHS SNAP Ed School and Family Nutrition Education Services contract deliverables

  • Manage SNAP Ed outcomesdata entry into UCONN Education and Administrative Reporting System (EARS)

 2002-present: Adjunct Professor Dept of Nutrition

Course: NUTR 380 Nutrition for Nursing Practice

University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CT

  • Develop and implement nutrition education course curriculum for nursing students

  • Evaluate and document student progress


2002-2006: Nutrition Education Consultant: Food Stamp Nutrition Education (renamed SNAP Ed October 2008) Connecticut Department of Public Health

  • Establish and maintain community partnerships with agencies serving SNAP eligibles

    • Manage the planning, coordination, implementation and documentation of nutrition education to SNAP eligibles (adult and child nutrition)

    • Assist development of FSNE/SNAP Ed preschool teachers’ match time & effort documentation program

      • Monitor time and effort documentation and data entry

    • Assist development of nutrition education materials’ reward program

      • Order all nutrition education materials

      • Monitor nutrition education materials off site

      • Coordinate and monitor warehouse materials’ mailings to preschool sites

      • Coordinate all communications with preschool teachers participating in program (logging forms; materials’ receipt; teacher requests)


1994-2014: Instructor/Facilitator: Human Growth and Development classes

 Glastonbury School District

  • Develop, implement and evaluate health/wellness programming to ‘tweens and parents

    • Curricula includes growth and development changes during puberty

    • Instrumental in including nutrition education to programming

1983-1990: Instructor: Childbirth and Post-partum education

Gynecology and Obstetrics, PC; Hartford, Connecticut (1983-1986)

Portsmouth General Hospital; Portsmouth, Virginia (1986-1990)

DePaul Hospital; Norfolk, Virginia (1986-1990)

  • Instruction in the Lamaze birthing method; post-partum instruction infant care/breastfeeding

1979-1984: Registered Nurse

Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1980-1981)

  • Respiratory Special Care Unit (RSCU)

Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, New York (1979-1980)

  • Cardiac Bypass Step Down (CBSD)

  • Medical-surgical in-patient units

St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut (1982-1984)

  • Medical-surgical in-patient units/ICU



April 2014

Florence Nightingale Health Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Saint Joseph

May 2010-Connecticut Dietetics Association

  • Emerging Leader Award

April 2005-University of Connecticut School of Allied Health

  • James P. Cornish Memorial Award for leadership, creativity, innovation, and commitment to lifelong learning

April 2004-University of Connecticut School of Allied Health

  • Graduate Student Leadership Award

May 2002 -Connecticut Dietetics Association

  • Outstanding Dietetics Student Award, State of CT.

May1979-Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Clinic

  • Mabel Lamberson Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award


Research Poster Presentations

April 2014-Connecticut Academy Annual Meeting, Stamford, CT.

         Assisting Food Pantry Staff to Educate Clients and Empower Increased Cooking at Home. R. Damiani, J. Buden, C. Guaglianone, S.-G. Glennon; UCONN Senior Dietetics Students. T. Dugdale, MS, RDN, RN, CD-N; D. Zigmont, RD, CD-N; V. B. Duffy, PhD, RD.  

April 2014- Connecticut Academy Annual Meeting, Stamford, CT.

       Plate Waste and Nutrition Intervention among Connecticut Fourth Graders in Public Schools. E. Shanley, MBA, RD, CD-N; J. Artiaco, BS; E. Freschi, BS; G. Kelley, BS; C. Neilson, BS; K. Saulnier, BS; J. Shook, BS; J. Simon, BS; T. Dugdale, MS, RDN, RN, CDN

August 2013-Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Annual Conference, Portland Or:

      Commitment to a Worksite Wellness Program and Weight Loss Success. Dugdale T, Rochester J, Arendt C, Fairchild N, Fraser C, Murray M, Racine J, Vangel A, Shanley E. 

April 2012-University of Connecticut/Graduate Student Forum

      Facilitating Implementation of Wellness Programs in Three High-Need Connecticut School Districts – A Pilot Project. Chasse K, Casey M, Osterhout J, Dugdale TF, Duffy VB.

November 2010-ADA Annual Food and Nutrition Conference Expo, Boston:

      University/Media Partnership Offers Valuable Multi-tiered Nutrition Education to SNAP Participants while Enhancing Dietetics Students Competence in Community-Based Nutrition Education. Dugdale TF, Harrington HL, Duffy VB.

July 2010-Society for Nutrition Education-Annual Meeting, Reno:

       Using Teacher Ratings to Document Response to a School-based Nutrition Education Program for Preschoolers. Corcoran A, Harrington HL, Kennedy K, Dugdale T, Scarmo S, Mayne ST, Duffy V.

November 2009-American Public Health Association-Annual Meeting, Philadelphia:

        Educating Competent Community Nutritionists to Fuel the Future Public Health Workforce. Dugdale TF, Duffy VB.

October 2008-ADA Annual Food and Nutrition Conference Expo, Chicago:

      A Win-win Situation: Developing Entry-level Competence in Community Nutrition While Providing Quality Food Stamp Nutrition Education. Dugdale TF, Duffy VB.

April 2008-Connecticut Dietetic Association-Spring Conference:

      Improving Dietary Quality and Safety of At-risk Preschoolers’ Lunch Brought from Home. UCONN Departments of Allied Health Sciences and Human Development and Family Studies, School Readiness Programs in New Haven, CT. Harrington, H, Adams L, Copenhaver M, Descartes L, Dugdale TF, Duffy V.

July 2007- Society for Nutrition Education-Annual Meeting, Chicago:

    Short-term Impact of a Motivational Nutrition Education Session on Intent to Purchase Fruits and Vegetables. Dugdale TF, Duffy V, Frassinelli J.


April 2006-Connecticut Dietetic Association-Spring Conference:

    Self-reported Effect of Interactive Nutrition Education on Motivation to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Purchase. Dugdale, TF, Napoleone G, Recine V, Cheslick L, Duffy V, Frassinelli J.

April 2005-Connecticut Dietetic Association-Spring Conference:

     Development of a School-based Nutrition Intervention: Formative Research with a Community Perspective. Dziura-Duke, C, Dugdale T, Duffy V.

April 2005-Connecticut Dietetic Association-Spring Conference:

      Increasing Vegetable Intake of Head Start Children through a Multi-component School-based Intervention: Preliminary Evaluation. Mooney S, Wallace B, Tane J, Dugdale TF, Kinsley E, Kneeland K, Duffy VB. 

May 2002- Connecticut Dietetic Association-Spring Conference:

      From Dietitian Recommendation to Physician Implementation: Does the Time Elapsed Meet a Quality Standard of Care?  Dugdale, TF.


Professional Activities and Memberships

Member: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2001-present)

Dietetics Practice Groups:

  • Public Health/Community Nutrition (2000-present)

  • Nutrition Education for the Public (2000-present)

  • Dietetics Educators of Practitioners (2008-present)

  • Vegetarian Nutrition (2007-2009)

  • Attended ADA Leadership Conference June 2010, Scottsdale Arizona

Member: Connecticut Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2001-present)

  • President: (Elect, President, Past) 2010-2013

  • Committees:

    • Dietetics Educators’ Committee (2004-present)

    • National Nutrition Month (Chair: 2007-2010)

    • Legislative/Public Policy Committee (2005-2007)

    • Finance Committee (2011-2012)


  • Society for Nutrition Education (2005-present)

  • American Society for Nutrition  (2007-2011)

  • American Public Health Association (2007-2012)

Working Committees:

  • New Haven Board of Education District Wellness Committee (2003-present)

    • Subcommittee: Health Education (2008-present)

    • 2009-10: Development of nutrition ed curriculum for district 5th grade

  • Windham County Health Advisory Council (2009-present)

  • Community Renewal Team (CRT) Hartford, Advisory Council (2009-present)

  • CT State Medical Society

    • Health Disparities and Cultural Diversity Committee (2010-2012)

  • CT Child Nutrition Training Institute Advisory Council (2011-present)

  • University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

    • Extension and Outreach Advisory Committee (2012)


Speaking Honors and Professional Presentations

  • University of Connecticut Medical School

    • Annual lectures/October (2010-13)

  • Manchester School Readiness Council Spring Meeting: April 17, 2012

    • Keynote speaker. 95210: Manchester Message for a Healthier You.


  • Legislative Day, Hartford State Capitol

    • CT Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President's Address. February 15, 2012  

  • 139th APHA Annual Meeting Washington, DC.  October 29 - November 2, 2011 "University/Media partnership aims to improve fruit and vegetable consumption in low-income families via culturally appropriate and tailored interactive nutrition education workshops held at Head Start and School Readiness preschool sites in Connecticut" Dugdale TF, Harrington HL, Duffy VB

  • United States Food and Nutrition Services:

    • April 2010: USDA Regional “Nor’Easter Conference, Providence, RI

      • SNAP Ed Innovations

    • June 2009: USDA Regional “Nor’Easter Conference, North Andover MA

      • Quality and Innovative Collaborations with Community Partners:  The Radio Disney Nutrition Education Workshops for Preschool Parents

    • June 2008: USDA Regional “Nor’Easter Conference, Worcester MA


      • Food Stamp Nutrition Education and the Captain 5 A Day Program in CT

  • UCONN Dept Allied Health Seminar Series:



    • March 2008: A Win-Win Situation: Quality Education of Dietetics Students in a Cost-Effective Way via a Federally-funded grant

  • Graduation/Pinning Ceremonies Keynotes:

    • May 2011-University of Connecticut-Dietetics Internship

    • May 2009, 2007, 2005- University of Connecticut-Coordinated Program Dietetics

    • May 2002-St. Joseph College-Coordinated Program Dietetics                                                                


Academic Thesis Committees: 

        August 2014: Jennifer Artiaco

        August 2014: Natalie R. Smith

        August 2013: Obesity Prevention Efforts with Preschoolers and their Parents in New Britain CT. SDavison

        August 2013: An Assessment of Worksite Wellness Program Development and Evaluation of Potential Program Benefits. KQuann

        July 2012: Facilitating Implementation of Wellness Programs in Three High-Need Connecticut School Districts-A Pilot Project. KChasse

        March 2012: Food Security, Food Assistance Program Participation and Diet Quality Among Food Pantry Participants in the North End of     Hartford. JMenounos


Task Forces/Ad Hoc Committees

  • Connecticut Children’s Mental Health Task Force (2013-2014). Appointment by CT. Senator Arthur Lenares

  • Connecticut Food System Alliance (2012)

  • Statewide Food Corps Advisory Committee (2012)

  • CT Coalition Against Childhood Obesity (August 2011-present)

  • Connecticut Child Nutrition Training Institute (November 2011-present)

  • Governors Roundtable on Childhood Obesity (December 2011-present)


Media Interviews

WDRC-The Mary Jones Radio Show

  • November 2012-CT Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/Farmers Markets

Radio Disney (WDZK 1550 AM) Backyard Program. Taped hour-long interviews.

  • September 2010-National Fruit and Veggie Month

  • June 2010-National Dairy Month

  • February 24, 2010-National Nutrition Month: “Nutrition From the Ground Up”

  • December 2009-New Year’s Resolutions

  • November 2009-National Pomegranate Month

  • September 2009-National Fruit and Veggie Month

  • February 2009-National Nutrition Month: “Eat Right”

  • December 2008-New Year’s Resolutions: How Can We Keep Them?

  • September 2008-Fruit and Veggie Month

  • May 2008-Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Families

  • February 2008-National Nutrition Month

  • August 2007-Fruits and Veggies….More Matters

  • March 2007-National Nutrition Month

  • July 2005-Healthy Eating and Physical Activity following the 2005 Guidelines

Wayne Norman, WILI Radio Morning Show (AM 1400) Live. December 9, 2008-Guest/Topic UCONN CANR/DAHS Captain 5 A Day Program


Nutrition Education Articles

 (seasonal submissions)

  • Community Health Network of CT, Wallingford, CT/Sunrise membership newsletter

    • 2003-2007

  • Vida En Magazine, Hartford, CT, a Hartford, CT premier Latino magazine

    • 2006-2008


Public Service Announcements

  • Radio Disney WDZK 1550 AM (2004-2010)

    • Seasonal submissions written third-person voice of Captain 5 A Day preschoolers’ nutrition program


Community/Volunteer Initiatives

Coffee for a Cause:

  • Annual communities’-wide holiday gift/donation solicitation to serve urban charities

  • Coordinate all contacts, communications, guest list, gift solicitation and delivery 

  • Recipients:

    • 1996-House of Bread, Hartford

    • 1997-The Lifesaver Project at Hartford Hospital

    • 1998-Hartford Interval House

    • 1999-AIDS Ministries, Hartford

    • 2000-The Lifesaver Project at The Institute of Living, Hartford

    • 2001-The Children’s Home of Cromwell

    • 2002-Windham AIDS Program Outreach Services

    • 2003-Food Baskets/Hartford Christmas Bus Ride

    • 2004-Hartford Public Schools Family Resource Centers

    • 2005-Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen

    • 2006-Manchester Area Network on AIDS

    • 2007-House of Bread, HOME Project, Hartford

    • 2008-Brass City Agency, Waterbury

    • 2009-MACC (Manchester Area Community of Churches)

    • 2010-Freshplace “Client-choice” Food Pantry, Hartford

    • 2011-Hartford Hospital Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center

    • 2012-Freshplace Hartford

    • 2013-MANNA pantry Hartford





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