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Internship and Independent Study Information: Allied Health Sciences major

This site contains Internship and Independent Study information and procedures specific to the Department of Allied Health Sciences. Students should also consult with an advisor in the Center for Career Development for general information and links to resources for internships.

The department of Allied Health Sciences strongly suggests that students engage in extracurricular opportunities while an undergraduate Allied Health Sciences student to enhance their graduate admission preparation. In fact, some graduate programs (e.g. Medical School, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy) expect (and in some instances require documentation) that an applicant has experience in direct patient contact in their profession.

Additionally, graduate health programs look for applicants who bring a varied background both personally and academically. They want to “see” evidence that a student went beyond taking academic coursework to prepare for graduate education. Engaging in extracurricular activities demonstrates to graduate admissions committees that an applicant is independent, self-motivated, able to work as a team member, has leadership skills, communication skills, time management skills, etc; qualities that a health professional should possess.

The department of Allied Health Sciences offers two opportunities to engage in extracurricular experiences; Independent Study and Internship. These experience-based courses are only open to students in the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

Please note the following IMPORTANT Student information:

An Independent Study or Internship is not to be engaged in lightly. Students are expected to be independent, self-motivated, autonomous and unconventional in their approach to their learning. Therefore, the department expects a student to take the lead in seeking and gaining approval for such experiences. Students are also responsible to make inquiries to ascertain whether an employer or faculty member is willing and able to participate in extracurricular experiences.

  • Students are expected to begin the process at least one academic semester before the intent to participate as the approval process may be lengthy. Independent Study and/or Internship approval will not be given once an academic semester has begun nor will it be awarded retroactively.
  • Students are expected to read and be familiar with the Guidebooks for the experience they seek to participate in prior to engaging a faculty member in this process.
  • AHS faculty are not responsible to identify and/or ensure an Independent Study or Internship experience.
  • Students should consult with their faculty advisor regarding the feasibility, purpose and approval prior to finalization of the experience.
  • Students cannot register for these experience-based courses until all approvals have been obtained.
  • Students engaging in Internship experiences may be required to adhere to employee requirements (e.g. criminal background checks, drug testing, etc.) as part of participation in the experience. Students will be required to adhere to all policies as indicated by the sponsoring company or organization and pay all associated fees.
  • Independent Study and/or Internship participation is NOT required for graduation from the Allied Health Sciences major.
  • Students may use up to 6 credits toward the AHS major Related Cognate (group B) requirements.
  • Students may NOT use Independent Study or Internship credits to meet the group A requirements.
  • Grading is on an S/U basis for Internships and graded on an A-F scale for Independent Study.
  • Credits assigned to these experiences will vary based on several conditions including (but not limited to) length of participation and objectives.


Courses: Courses are open only to Allied Health Sciences majors.

AH 3091. Allied Health Sciences Internship

An Internship (suggested but optional for completion of the AHS major) is a 3-way cooperative venture among an employer (Internship Site Supervisor), an AHS faculty member (Supervised Internship Instructor), and a student. This experience-based “course” places students in an organization under the guidance and supervision of both a qualified professional in an organization (agency, business, NGO, University Center or laboratory) and an appointed faculty member from the AHS department to gain hands-on experience that helps the student to:

  • Connect and apply academic learning to real-world environments
  • Confirm career choice
  • Identify the type of organization and/or work environment he/she may wish to work in
  • Develop professionalism, communication and team-building skills

Internship Guidebook

Internship Forms

Independent Study Authorization Form (this form is used for Internship authorization for the Registrar's Office)


AH 3099. Independent Study in Allied Health

An Independent Study (suggested but optional for completion of the AHS major) is a 2-way cooperative venture between a faculty member and a student. This academic-based “course” is designed to engage a student in independent inquiry and investigation of a topic of interest under the guidance and supervision of an appointed faculty member from the Allied Health Sciences department. The study is expected to cover academic topics not typically covered in regular course offerings.

Independent Study Guidebook

Independent Study Forms

Independent Study Authorization Form

Questions or need more information?

Students should consult with their academic advisor for specific questions regarding participation in these experience-based courses.


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